Talking Time

A caring, professional and child-focused therapy service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a speech and language therapist do?

A speech and language therapist aims to enable a child or adult with a speech , language or communication difficulty to communicate as effectively as possible.  They work with children with a wide range of speech and language difficulties, such as

· Language delay

· Language Disorder (specific language impairment)

· Delayed speech sounds

· Disordered speech sounds

· Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

· Stammering / stuttering

· Selective mutism

The therapist will assess the areas of strength and difficulty, talk to the parents / carers and agree an appropriate package of care, which may include:

· Individual therapy sessions

· A home and / or school programme of therapy activities and strategies.

· Training to family members or school staff


2. Where will the therapy sessions take place?

Lara works visiting clients in their own home. She will also visit a child in a nursery/ school setting if required.

Lara typically works within North-West Greater London and West Hertfordshire (including: Totteridge, Mill Hill, Stanmore, Bushey, Borehamwood, Radlett, Watford, St Albans)


3. What does speech or language therapy involve?

Initially, a child will be assessed using formal and / or informal activities including discussion with parents, a range of games, observations, and specially designed test materials.  Lara will then spend time talking with the parents / carers, explaining the outcome of the assessment and answering questions.    She will recommend what type of further input is required, this may be:

· No therapy is required;

· Therapy  sessions offered; or

· Advice and activities provided, with the option to review progress at a later date.

If required, Lara is able to provide detailed reports to appropriate professionals or schools.


4. How much therapy will my child need?

The level of need will be discussed with you based on initial assessment and recommendations.  Children are typically seen once-weekly for a block of 6 sessions after which therapy progress is reviewed and discussed to decide if further therapy is appropriate.  A therapy session lasts approximately 1 hour, including time talking to the parents and homework setting.


5. My child is on the waiting list for NHS therapy, what happens when this becomes available?

Lara will be happy to contact the local NHS therapist and update them on your child’s progress.  It is recommended the sessions with Lara are put on hold whilst your child receives therapy through the NHS. 


6. How much does therapy cost?

Sessions are priced individually and pricing is variable depending on the type of intervention and assessment required. There is no charge for a telephone consultation, so please call Lara today on 07816 789 888 to discuss your concerns.


6. What can I do to help my child?

Lara will be able to provide you with helpful strategies as well as training you to carry out specific speech and language activities at home.